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Tallgrass Talk: "It's All About the Coen's"

On Saturday, March 8th, TFA Co-Programming Director Nick Pope will lead a discussion all about the brothers Coen. The Tallgrass Talk is free, but attendees must RSVP to info@tallgrassfilmfest.com. The Talk will take place at House of Schwan (3636 N. Comotara) from 2:00 - 4:30 pm.

About the Coen Brothers

In 1984, Ethan and Joel Coen hit the indie film scene with a noir-comedy-horror called BLOOD SIMPLE.  For the next three decades, the brothers would continually shatter audience expectations and turn the genre film on it's ear. 

With a varying catalog that includes RAISING ARIZONA, BARTON FINK, MILLER'S CROSSING, FARGO, THE BIG LEBOWSKI, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, A SERIOUS MAN, TRUE GRIT, and INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, the Coens create uniquely "American" films, often with a crime as a starting point.  Kidnapping and blackmail can lead to a murder (or two or three).  Protagonists, distracted from the real world, hope for a better life that seems within arm's reach. Plagued by dreams, misunderstandings, and double-crosses, these are characters thrown into extraordinary circumstances, often through no means of their own. 

While Hollywood looks for a hero to save the world, the Coens prefer "regular folks" who can barely save themselves.  With dizzying camera work and witty dialogue, the brothers find inspiration from Dashiell Hammett to Stanley Kubrick to the Bible.  But, not all may be what it seems.  Good intentions are just intentions and everything we are told may not be so (no, FARGO is not based on a true story).  Looking at film clips and analysis on themes, this discussion will examine an unpredictable 30-year career.

About Nick Pope:

A child of the '80s, Nick thrived on American independent cinema of the 1990s. Fond of filmmakers such as David O. Russell, Darren Aronofsky, Neil LaBute and others, Nick took his enthusiasm to the University of Kansas where he studied film criticism, history, and production. He has been with the Tallgrass Film Festival since its inception in 2003 when he started as Print Traffic Assistant. A programmer for the last ten seasons, Nick currently serves as Co-Director of Programming for TFA.